Have Fried Food and Also Stay Healthy. How? Check out the best Air Fryers in India.

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Air Fryers are the solid answer to fulfill your southern style and crunchy nourishment wants. 

In contrast to other customary ways, air fryers utilize not many drops or no oil to prepare crunchy and seared nourishment. How…? 

At the point when you turn on this machine, high temp water is circled to give even and seared cooking. Aside from seared nourishment, an air fryer can likewise broil, prepare, barbecue and bubble food sources. 

Listed below are the best air fryers in India this year.


1. Philips HD9220/20 2.2 L Air Fryer 

Philips HD9220/20 2.2 L Air Fryer is the best air fryer accessible in the nourishment business. Philips utilizes Rapid Air Technology, which is equipped for preparing the nourishment with less measure of oil and consequently diminishes the measure of oil used to about 80%. 

It is an ideal machine for you on the off chance that you love to eat seared nourishment yet can’t put your wellbeing in danger. 

The Philips Air Fryer accompanies Rapid Air Technology in which tourist flows equally all through the nourishment and in this manner the nourishment gets cooked appropriately utilizing less measure of oil. The innovation and the appearance of the Air Fryer have certainly been an explanation behind progress.

 Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology (Black)


  • Brilliant Design 
  • The intensity of around 1425 Watts, 220-240 Volts 
  • Quick Air Technology 
  • Cooking Capacity of 800gm 
  • Oil decreased by 80% 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Temperature Setup 
  • Clock 
  • Guarantee for 2 Years 


  • Tastes somewhat not quite the same as Oily Food. 
  • Need to buy a Separator 

Price: ₹ 9,999/-

Buy From Amazon | Flipkart 

2. Kenstar Oxy Fryer 

Kenstar Oxy Fryer is a progressive item that utilizes an almost no measure of oil for cooking. This is a basic yet inventive apparatus and best of all, the machine is very spending plan well disposed of. 

Kenstar is an Air Fryer utilizing an alternate innovation from Philips Air fryer where the searing methodology is unique yet it is fit for cooking without or with less oil. It is the subsequent top rated Air Fryer and is simply ideal for your kitchen 

Kenstar Smart Air Fryer 1350 Watt 2.6Ltr Oxy Fryer Smart Black KOS13BJ2


  • The whole space is 3 Liters, the nourishment limit 1.2 kg 
  • Power= 1500 watts, Cable length of 1.2 meters 
  • Temperature handle to set between 80 to 200 degrees 
  • The clock which closes off naturally 


  • No space for the separator 

Price: ₹ 6,650/-

Buy From Amazon | Flipkart 

3. Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer 

Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer is another ideal air fryer for you if you are an enormous aficionado of simmered chicken. It works flawlessly with Rapid Air Technology and is greater when contrasted with other air fryers simply ideal for each one of the individuals who lean toward singed nonveg plans.

Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer is presented with Rapid Air innovation and is outstanding amongst other air fryers accessible under Rs 5000/. It utilizes less oil during browning, barbecuing, and so on because of sight-seeing that dissipates all through. 

Pigeon Super 12044 3.2-Litre Air Fryer (Black)


  •  Capacity 3.2kg 
  • A clock to auto shut 
  • Temperature handle 
  • The intensity of 1500 W 
  • Guarantee of 2 Years 


  • Can’t utilize a separator 

Price: ₹ 5,299/-

Buy From Amazon | Flipkart 

4. Havells Pro-Life Plus 4L Air Fryer 

Havells Pro-Life Plus 4L Air Fryer is a creative and proficient Air Fryer presented in the wake of examining and remedying the deformities present in other Air Fryers. The Havells is a presumed brand for structure and development and it incorporates the plate limit of about 4Liters. 

Havells Pro-Life Plus 4L Air Fryer is an incredible advancement and is ideal for a joint family where you have to sear over and over and subsequently, all the potatoes can be sung together on the plate. There is likewise a nourishment separator which can permit preparing nourishment independently. 

Havells Prolife Plus 4-Litre 1230-Watt Air Fryer (Black)


  • The limit of the plate about 4L. 
  • Fast Air Technology 
  • Temperature Control handle to around 200 degrees 
  • Non-stick covered bin 
  • Force 1230 Watts 
  • Separator 
  • Cool Touch discharge button 
  • Guarantee for 2 Yrs 


  • It’s bizarre however there were no cons that we could consider. 

Price: ₹ 7,999/-

Buy From Amazon | Flipkart 

5. Pigeon AF-Super 2.2L Air Fryer 

Pigeon AF-Super 2.2L Air Fryer is another spending limit cordial air fryer of Pigeon on the off chance that you are searching for a little family. this is simply ideal for little necessities and is the second fryer of Pigeon that is energetically suggested. 

The Pigeon AF-Super 2.2L Air Fryer utilizes Robust Air dissemination innovation to broil nourishment and warms the plate utilizing sight-seeing that streams all through consequently lessening the utilization of oil to a next to no sum. The fries are fresh and scrumptious that also utilizing least oil. 

Pigeon AF-Super 2.2-Litre Air Fryer


  • The limit of 2.2 kg 
  • Programmed Shut off 
  • A clock to set for 30 minutes 
  • Temperature handle between 80 to 200 degrees. 
  • Force 1270 W 


  • Nourishment Separator is absent. 

Price: ₹ 4,490/-

Buy From Amazon | Flipkart 

6. Prestige PAF 3.0 Air Fryer 

The Prestige PAF 3.0 Air Fryer is a top of the line item on the web and is top of the line by right around 400 glad clients. Best of all, it is Flipkart restrictive and only accessible from here on the web. Proceed to get your Prestige PAF 3.0 Air Fryer. 

The Prestige PAF 3.0 Air Fryer is special and ideal for causing your preferred dishes to be it moves, cakes, kebabs or even tikkas, scrumptious right? The Air Fryer has been presented with an extraordinary look and plan and its simply ideal for you if you are partial to brilliant shading like me. 

Prestige PAF 3.0 1400-Watt Air Fryer (Black)


  • Non-Stick Baseplate 
  • Simple to Clean 
  • Quiet Operation 
  • Immaculate Built 


  • Force Cable not adequately long. 
  • Nourishment Separator not present. 

Price: ₹ 4,499/-

Buy From Amazon | Flipkart 

7. American Micronic 3.5 Liter Air Fryer 

American Micronic 3.5 Liter Air Fryer will be your closest companion trust me on the off chance that you need to begin an eating regimen however can’t bargain with the delicious potato fries or perhaps some chicken kebabs. It is simply ideal for your necessities. 

American Micronic 3.5 Liter Air Fryer is presented with Rapid Hot air Convention preparing Technology which prepares nourishment utilizing hot wind current that is dissipated equitably all through the nourishment and prepares the nourishment consistently. 

American Micronic- AMI-AF1-35CLDx- 3.5 Liters 1500 Watts Imported Air Fryer (Silver & Black)


  • Nonstick Fry Cavity 
  • Extraordinary item Quality 
  • Clock 
  • Temperature Setting Knob 
  • Dishwasher-safe 


  • No space for Food Separator.

Price: ₹ 5,338/-

Buy From Amazon | Flipkart 

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